Strontium 16GB AUTO USB Flash Drive Review

Strontium 16GB AUTO USB Flash Drive Review

Introduction to the Strontium 16GB AUTO USB Flash Drive

Today on tap we have an USB flash drive from Strontium. Never heard of Strontium? Well, they have been around for approximately ten years and more known for their system memory. But also have dabbled in solid state drives and digital memory for cameras.

Our first but not last product we are reviewing for them is the 16GB Auto flash drive. Strontium aimed this particular drive at the car audio user and enthusiast. Strontium suggest this drive to the car audio crowd because of its unique design and its ability to quickly transfer data from PC to drive for those really on the go and on the go fast.

Strontium’s take on the AUTO

Strontium AUTO USB is a USB flash drive that is carefully designed for Car Audio System. With its small physical size and ultra-lightweight body, it provides extreme convenience to car owners as they carry their music, photos, videos and other data around with ease. Clad in a specially engineered plastic body, AUTO USB is not only able to withstand 40% higher in temperature as compared with other normal USB sold in the market, it also possesses double the impact strength and durability. Designed based on the brilliant diamond cut style, AUTO is a USB that exudes elegance and sophistication. Being equipped with the latest COB (Chip on Board) and micro COB USB flash module, you can be ensured with fast and reliable data transmission to improve productivity in your daily data usage.

If you are a car driver and you are looking for a sophisticated USB flash drive to complement your car audio system, Strontium AUTO USB is definitely the ultimate choice in terms of Style and Substance!.

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