Super Talent 16GB Pico C Flash Drive

Packaging and contents

Super Talent 16GB Pico C 2 Super Talent 16GB Pico C 3

Super Talent 16GB Pico C 4



  1GB – 16GB  



   Technical Details:

• Weight less than 6g
• Up to 30MB/s (200X) data transfer rate
• Fully compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1
• Water resistant
• Powered by USB bus – no external power is required
• Durable solid-state storage – 10 years data retention
• Hot Plug & Play – enable you to install and uninstall Pico anytime
• Supports ReadyBoost™
• PICO-A: Swivel
• PICO-B: Retractable
• PICO-C: Capless; rugged
   * This model also comes in Nickel plating
   * Special Limited Edition: 24k gold plated PICO-C
• PICO-D: Swivel
• PICO-E: Sliding Lid

Pico drives are available in capacities ranging from 1GB to 16GB. 

Protected by US patents # 6,547,130; 7,257,714 and 7,103,684.



  Data Sheet

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