Super Talent 16GB Pico C Flash Drive

Closer look

The Pico-C measures a minute 31.3mm x 12.4mm x 3.4mm. Let me convert that to standard for you: Small x, little x. The Pico is going to be the smallest flash drive on any shelf in any store. I like the size mainly because I don’t have to worry about the added weight on my key chain. Not saying that other drives are heavy and unmanageable but they are a bit bulky. The Pico weighs a mere 6 grams which is about the weight of a charm that you would find on a girl’s bracelet. And to top it off the dive is water resistant.

Super Talent 16GB Pico C 6

Super Talent says the Pico-C has a transfer rate of 200x which boils down to 30MB/s. This is on par with some of the fastest drives on the market. But to me the transfer speed is second only to the physical size of the drive. The unit requires no drivers or software installation when using any OS newer than Windows XP.

Super Talent 16GB Pico C 7

This model of the Pico has an all metal coating so no rubber surrounds to protect it from drops or other forms of abuse. But the metal casting is what gives the unit its classy look. Besides the shiny casing there isn’t much more to the drive except for the USB port and the chain loop for securing the drive to whatever you plan on attaching it to.

Super Talent 16GB Pico C 9 Super Talent 16GB Pico C 10

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