Super Talent Pico 8GB Flash Drive

Closer look

In the introduction we told you a little about the physical appearance just enough to give away just some of the selling points of the Pico Gold. Now we will discuss some of the transfer speeds of the drive before taking a further look at the drive. The Pico Gold falls into the Pico C series of flash drives from Super Talent. The series boast some really impressive numbers according to Super Talent. A transfer rate of 30mb/s is stated on the web site through the USB 2.0 port. This should set it right in the middle of the drives we have tested before. We will see about that later.

Pico Gold 5Pico Gold 6

Pico Gold 7

The gold plated drive is pretty thin, just about as thick as a US quarter. In comparison to all the other drives I currently own this drive was about 1/3 the size of most of them. And just a little smaller than the Adata PD18. This is a great indication of the advancement of technology in the flash drive market.

Pico Gold 9Pico Gold 10

Super Talent also states this drive is water-resistant on their site. And after a couple of drips in a small glass of water this claim is totally correct. Granted we did dry away the USB connection of the drive in order not the damage my USB ports.

Time for some numbers people.


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