SUPERO C7Z370-CG-IW Z370 ITX Motherboard

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

Super Micro’s SUPERO gaming line finally scaled down to the ITX range, and the first offering in this smaller segment is a solid one. While you might not be breaking overclocking records on the C7Z370-CG-IW, you can bump the clock a little if the already strong stock performance isn’t quite enough, or like us, you do it just because it’s there and you can. As part of SUPERO’s ‘Core Gaming’ lineup, we have to say they nailed their target beautifully. Good network connectivity, a solid audio subsystem, dual M.2 slots for the best storage, and shielded and reinforced memory and PCIe slots means this board will cover the bases for years to come and provide any gamer a solid foundation.

The neutral metallic color scheme is trending in the industry and will play well with the looks of nearly any build. The default lighting along the right side of the board is quite active and unique, but the SuperO Booster lets you tweak that to your own liking. Given the RGB craze the last year or so, and the targeted ‘gaming’ market, we are happy to see an RGB header on the board to sync your system lighting. It follows the unofficial +12v/G/R/B standard, so most RGB devices should work with it. This little board packed a punch in our testing, scoring from above average to first place in relation to several other full-size offerings in the Z370 based family. We liked the fact that it runs ice cold under load, and given the enterprise bloodlines here, we have no doubt longevity is not an issue.

Great job SUPERO!

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