SUPERO Pro Gaming C9Z390-PGW Z390 Motherboard

Packaging & Unboxing

SUPERO sticks to simple packaging, usually a nice black cardboard box like this. The model number is splashed across the center and the SUPERO logo sits at the bottom.

The rear of the box is dominated with a full-color picture of the board with most of the features pointed out.

The side edges have just the model visible but the top edge also has a small picture of the board inside.

Inside, the board is cradled in a cardboard tray and wrapped in an ESD safe bag.

After you lift the motherboard tray out of the box, you see the slogan ‘Play Harder’ inside the box edges. The bottom of the box holds all of the accessories.

Unlike many of the more well-known gaming brands, SUPERO’s inclusions are pretty sparse for a top-level board. You get two Wi-Fi antennas, several SATA cables, the rear I/O shield, a driver disk, and the manual. They also throw in a large case badge.

The manual is multi-lingual but the layout is very efficient and useful. Most builders won’t even look at the manual unless there is a problem. One of the first pages you’ll come to is a chart showing POST Codes, handy if you have a problem.

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