SUPERO Pro Gaming C9Z390-PGW Z390 Motherboard


SuperDoctor V

SD5 monitors target nodes hardware’s system health or availability in data centers in real-time and provide alerts to administrators.

SuperDoctor V is a software approximation of Supermicro’s IPMI hardware solution on the server side of the market.  It offers monitoring of about everything in the system to quickly determine system health. It is a web-based and can be accessed from another machine on your network.

You can view even more detailed information about literally everything in the system info tab.

The third tab lets you set up alerts to go out over email or via an SNMP management system, or even a desktop popup.

You can check for things like fan failures, temps, voltages and more.

You can also generate a report about everything and It spits out a CSV file.

You can also gracefully shutdown or reboot remotely as well.


SuperO Booster
Designed for ease of use, SuperO Booster allows users to monitor the hardware status, tune overclocking, and update BIOS while running the Windows operating system.

SuperO’s Booster software looks very much like the UEFI BIOS, but with some minor differences. The layout is similar, but a Profile section is up first. We’ll cover the auto-tuning later on.

The CPU section is here, but with a little more OC friendly simplified layout than the BIOS.

The memory section does let you turn XMP on and off, but you have to reboot to apply any changes here.

The Thermal section does allow you to change both fans on the fly which is quite useful.

If you plan on overclocking, you’ll certainly need to adjust a few system voltages which you can do here live.

Last, but not least is the Luminous section. While the default ‘Play Harder’ lighting mode is quite active, you can change between several lighting modes and plenty of colors. Outside of looks, this area has some useful features such as using the lighting to display an alarm such as a CPU temperature threshold crossed, letting you know you are pushing too hard and getting too hot.

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