SUPERO Pro Gaming C9Z390-PGW Z390 Motherboard

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

SUPERO brings that datacenter legacy and combine’s it with a feature list that will give any high-end enthusiast board a run for its money. The only thing really missing from this board is digital/addressable RGB headers, but we bet most users really won’t be too heartbroken about that. Oh, and SLI support. Technically, it SHOULD support SLI, the Z390 chipset is supported, and each GPU installed will get at least PCIe x8, so it must be a licensing issue. Crossfire is fully supported though. Otherwise, the C9Z390-PGW has everything you could possibly ever want.  Even with this being a part of the Professional Gaming lineup, you could just as easily make a very effective workstation thanks to the increased PCIe lane count, high-speed networking and plentiful storage options.

In contrast to some of SUPERO’s earlier consumer-oriented or gaming boards, the more neutral color scheme will blend aesthetically with nearly any build. The large heatsinks and a relatively minimal amount of uncovered raw PCB really give this that premium feel that many flagship gaming boards have. The performance we observed out of the box really gives that premium feel as well. Overclocking went really well and this was actually the first board we were able to get 5.2GHz on our 9900K fully stable with. The automatic overclock tool works well but is a little aggressive with voltage, plan on tweaking that back down a bit for your coolers sake.

The default lighting is a little spastic, when you first turn on your power supply, all the RGB zones on the board start rapidly flashing different colors. Our first thought was “Uh-oh, something is wrong, it shouldn’t flashing so fast and random” but it turns out to be normal. We did promptly change this for our own sanity though. The SuperOBooster Software is quite useful, but we really like the SuperDoctor5 software as it reminds us of the IPMI hardware on their server boards. With the web interface, you can pull it up on a phone or tablet and keep tabs on your system, even while in a full-screen game.

Great job SUPERO!

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