Swiftech H220-X2 CPU Liquid Cooler Review


US based Swiftech is certainly one of the best known names in computer water cooling. Swiftech was founded in 1994 by Gabriel Rouchon. Over the course of the last decade, Swiftech has emerged as one of the leading forces driving the high-end thermal management scene in the personal computer industry.

All in one (AIO) liquid CPU cooler have massive gains in popularity since their release. Due to the number of units available, companies have taken it upon themselves to try and create products that are set apart from the field. Swiftech was one such company. When they released their original H220/H320 coolers, they sought to differentiate it from other AIO’s by allowing it to support additional liquid cooled components such as graphics cards, chipset, and/or additional radiator(s). The H220/H320 proved to be quite popular and soon Swiftech released their successors, the H140-X/H220-X/H240-X. This series expanded on the original idea even further. The newer Apogee XL waterblock was added, the pump was moved to the radiator, and a windowed reservoir was added. Like its predecessor, the newest integration also proved to be quite popular. That brings us to today and the release of Swiftech’s third generation AIO, the Drive-X series.

One of the most significant changes for the Drive X2 series AIO is the fully redesigned patent-pending radiator/reservoir/pump combo featuring a large clear acrylic reservoir of tubular shape, and showing the inner workings of the system’s powerful pump. The radiator comes in 3 sizes, dual 120mm, dual 140mm, and triple 120mm. The large coolant reserve prolongs operations without maintenance well beyond the 3 year product warranty. The second component to see substantial changes is the new Apogee XL2 CPU waterblock now featuring a chrome plated copper base plate and a redesigned housing  with enhanced flow characteristics for better hydraulic performance. The housing is made of clear acrylic material to visualize the coolant flow path and to create fantastic color and light reflections thanks to an all-new system of RGB ALED lighting system. The waterblock installation hardware has been enhanced for an even easier trouble-free installation, and it is compatible with all current desktop processors. Finally, the kits now use clear tubing, a remarkable departure from other AIO products made possible by Swiftech’s use of a large coolant reserve, and most notably the new Addressable RGB LED (ALED) technology implemented on waterblock, reservoir, and radiator accent piece.

Swiftech’s take on the H220-X2 Prestige

Our goals during the development of this series of products were to continue improving upon the performance of our all-in-one kits, and to broaden their appeal to an even larger audience,” said Gabriel Rouchon, Swiftech’s Chairman and CEO. “In previous generations, thermal and acoustic performances were always at the top of our agenda, but we were also first to introduce the concept of upgradability because we wanted to offer AIO’s that COULD be customized. This new generation represents the culmination of our efforts in that direction: what is being presented to the world is a new generation of products that truly ARE custom kits: they perform like custom kits, they look like custom kits, and they are user-customizable right out-of-the-box. All this was accomplished while preserving and improving upon the characteristics that have made AIO’s so popular today: reasonable cost, superior performance, plug-and-play functionalities, and no maintenance.


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