Swiftech H240 X3 AIO CPU Cooler Review


In the world of PC cooling you have 3 mainstream options: air, AIO (all in one) or full water loop. Out of the 3, a water loop is the most desired among PC enthusiasts because of its performance and aesthetics. Even though it’s the most desired, few people can justify spending upwards of $600 on a full loop. Swiftech hopes to lower the cost of entry with its expandable AIO: the H240 X3. This cooler isn’t your ordinary AIO because unlike most AIO’s, it gives you the option to expand it with other water-cooling components such as a GPU block. The H240 X3 includes everything you need to start your loop with a 240mm radiator, integrated tempered glass 70ml reservoir, a PWM pump and a Swiftech Apogee SKF “LT” CPU block. With a MSRP of $139.95, it’s an affordable option for someone looking to get into water cooling. Also available is the H360 X3 which is the 360mm radiator version for an MSRP of $164.95.

About Swiftech

Founded in 1994, Swiftech had its start maintaining high-end UNIX imaging systems. In 1999, they started developing advanced overclocking devices on Peltier-based refrigeration solutions. In 2000, when AMD released its Athlon processor which required unprecedented heat dissipation requirements, Swiftech pretty much became a market leader overnight with its MCX370 heatsink when it was featured on Tom’s Hardware. Over the years, Swiftech continued to innovate and have expanded its line to a wide range of cooling parts that include water blocks, AIO’s, radiators, reservoirs, pumps, fittings and fans.

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