Swiftech KOMODO NV-LE GTX 1080 TI GPU Block Review


As the PC Enthusiast community grows, the water cooling community grows with it. You see it on the online forums and Facebook groups, as more and more people are trying their hands at custom water cooling. Not only can you customize your PC to fit your personal taste, but the performance increase is well worth the effort. Custom water cooling offers much lower temperatures, and increased performance.

There are few names in custom PC water cooling industry as well known and well respected as Swiftech. Since 1994, Swiftech has cemented themselves as one of the best names in the business. Swiftech recently offered us their KOMODO GTX 1080 Ti full cover blocks for review. This block is designed for the Founders Edition GTX 1080 Ti. Their KOMODO series was one of the first water blocks to offer full PCB coverage. This will help, since the Founders Edition tends to run hot. So, how well did the KOMODO GTX 1080 Ti block do? Let’s find out.

Swiftech’s Take on the KOMODO GTX 1080 Ti Full Cover Block

“The Komodo™ NV-LE GTX 1080 Ti full cover waterblock is a high-performance cooling solution with advanced thermal design and low flow restriction, compatible with Nvidia’s GeForce GTX NV-LE GTX 1080 Ti reference PCB design graphics cards (see list of Models in the compatibility section). This model is part of the “Luxury Edition” series of VGA water blocks, focused on smooth and streamlined elegance, and it includes our RGB ALED lighting system compatible with all versions of Swiftech’s X2 series CPU coolers. This allows users to unify the color scheme of their entire cooling system at the push of a button. The product ships with all necessary accessories to implement the lighting system. A new PWM signal extension cable is also included with this waterblock; when connected, it allows the graphics card own PWM signal to control the speed of other PWM compatible devices in the liquid cooling loop, such as fans and/or pump. This feature is especially useful to regulate noise & cooling in systems featuring discrete VGA cooling loops.”

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