TeamGroup T1 Gaming DDR4 Memory Review

Packaging & Unboxing

TeamGroup’s T1 Gaming modules arrive packaged in a clear transparent blister pack with the kit details in the bottom right-hand corner. For our review kit, we have two 8GB modules running at 2666MHz at 1.2v with CL18-18-18-43 timings.

Flipping over to the back of the packaging, the top half gives some highlights about what T-Force and its logo represent and the bottom portion lists the notable features of the T1 Gaming memory. The features listed include:

  • Eye-catching visual design
  • Exclusive color printing with utility model patent
  • Support Intel & AMD motherboard
  • Selected high-quality IC
  • Supports XMP2.0
  • Energy saving with ultra-low working voltage

Removing the T1 Gaming memory from the packaging also reveals a warranty guide and a T-Force case badge.

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