TeamGroup T1 Gaming DDR4 Memory Review

A Closer Look

What first really caught our eye with the T1 Gaming memory was there was no heatsink, but they still looked great. This is due to them printing the design onto the PCB so it’s not just a plain black module. Looking to the right of the module, we have the T-Force logo in the upper corner with the tagline “BORN TO GAME” below it. On the left side printed in white is “Powered By T-Force” with T1 also printed in red near the center of the stick.

Flipping over the ram module there is some more printing at the top with the T-Force logo to the right and “T1 Gaming Series” in the center.

There are no heatsinks on these modules and they contain 8 x T4D10248HT-266 IC’s, 4 placed on each side.

On the right-hand side, a sticker with the module’s capacity, speed, and timings of the module and a warning, that if the sticker is removed the warranty is void. Personally, I would like to see companies hesitate from placing stickers like this on ram modules as it distracts from the aesthetics. At the very least, allow them to be removed without the fear of a void warranty.

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