TeamGroup T1 Gaming DDR4 Memory Review


If the T1 Gaming kit is anything like the TeamGroup Vulcan TUF set we reviewed, we can expect some decent overclocking with little effort. At stock, this kit runs at a speed of 2666MHz at an ultra-low 1.2v with CL18-18-18-43 timings.

To start off, I left the voltage at 1.2 and slowly increased the speed 100MHz at a time until the system refused to post. While doing this, I was able to push the T1 Gaming kit 400MHz over the rated speed of 2666MHz for a final speed of 3066MHz. To test the stability of the overclock, I ran another round of SuperPi, which passed successfully with a time of 6:58s beating its original score by 3 seconds. I did try increasing the voltage to see if we could potentially get more speed but even after an additional .15v, it still wouldn’t post.

Now that we know our 400MHz overclock is stable, let’s see our improvements in read, write, and copy speeds. Rerunning the AIDA Cache & Memory Benchmark, we see improvements across the board going from a Read/Write/Copy of 39.2/38.7/35.4 GBs to 43/44.6/38.8 GBs. That’s an increase in performance of approximately 9.1% in read, 8.6% in write, and 9.1% in copy with no change to the kit’s voltage.

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