TeamGroup T1 Gaming DDR4 Memory Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

TeamGroup has impressed us again with its new T1 Gaming kits which not only perform well, but also look great. I personally really like the black PCB with the red/white accents painted right on the module. This is a unique approach that I haven’t seen on a kit before and is a great way to enhance the aesthetics for low powered modules that don’t require heat spreaders.

Looks are not the only thing the T1 Gaming kit has going for it as they are also great overclockers. I was able to push my kit an additional 400MHz for a final speed of 3066MHz, without needing more voltage. The speed increase equated to about a 9% improvement in read, write, and copy speeds, which is great for people looking to get the most out of their hardware.

Anyone looking for a DDR4 kit that has solid performance and a unique look should check out TeamGroup’s T1 Gaming series kits.

Great Job TeamGroup!


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