Tecware Phantom L Low Profile Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Initial Impression of Tecware’s Phantom L Low Profile Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

I was quite impressed with how solid this keyboard felt straight out of the box, and to be completely honest, I was not expecting that from a budget/mid-grade mechanical keyboard, but this keyboard definitely surprised me. The aluminum top-plate adds a lot of rigidity, but I did notice a slight bit of flex if I pressed down too hard on the keyboard, something that would never happen during normal use. USB-C connectivity is a major plus, and the braided cable was not overly stiff, contrary to what you might expect from a $50 keyboard. 

The keyboard did not come with any instructions, and that would typically not be much of an issue, but Tecware includes four replacement mechanical switches in the box as well as a switch pulling tool. I’m highly mechanically inclined, and using the puller to pull and install the replacement switches was fairly straight forward for myself, but casual users might find this process a little daunting. The lack of instructions is likely a packaging error, and I have been assured that instructions are included with each keyboard. Plus, you can always download it directly from Tecware’s website

I typically tend to gravitate to mechanical keyboards with larger footprints, wrist rest, number pads, and dedicated media controls, but I’m pretty atypical when it comes to peripherals. This keyboard features the perfect footprint for those with smaller workspace areas. It’s sized perfectly to toss into a backpack, making it a nice travel keyboard too. USB-C connectivity is nice too for those of us who have almost completely transitioned to the new standard. 

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