Tecware Phantom L Low Profile Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Productivity and General Use of the Phantom L Low Profile Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

I’m a writer and content creator, and a quality keyboard is at the core of how I earn my living. I typically spent 8-14 hours a day at my PC and will type about 20,000 words per week on average. The Phantom L that I received features Outemu Blue switches and are a little stiff to me at 60g actuation force. This is because my “daily-driver” keyboard utilizes Cherry brown switches, and they feel a good bit softer at about 45g of actuation force. Nonetheless, I was able to consistently hit my average of 90-95 words per minute throughout my testing.

As I mentioned previously, I typically like a keyboard that has a built-in wrist rest, but I would be remiss if I listed that as an issue with this keyboard. Thanks to its low-profile design, I was able to comfortably type for several hours without experiencing very much wrist fatigue at all. I did experience slight finger discomfort, but I attribute that to 10-years of typing on Cherry MX Brown switches and my muscles being used to their lighter actuation force.

I’m one of those people who assigns custom hot-keys in software like Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro, and the lack of a number pad really threw me off when editing photos and videos due to this reason. This is more of a personal preference, though, and unless you assign hotkeys to the number pad, this will likely not be an issue for you. Along these same lines, the lack of dedicated media keys threw me off, but I quickly adapted to using the function buttons to access those features.

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