Tecware Phantom L Low Profile Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Final Thoughts on the Tecware Phantom L Low Profile Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Overall, Tecware’s Phantom L low-profile mechanical gaming keyboard is a solid budget/mid-range keyboard that would be respectable in anyone’s gaming setup. The keyboard’s low-profile design and small footprint make it ideal for those with smaller gaming spaces or for anyone who wants mechanical keyboard comfort and productivity on the go. The RGB lighting presets and per-key RGB control provide for a stylish setup while not breaking the bank which allows you to invest the money you saved in other areas of your gaming setup.

At $50, this keyboard is a winner in every aspect of the word. It looks good, performs well, and is user-repairable where it counts, which is something unheard of when it comes to modern electronic devices. If you are looking for an entry-level mechanical that will serve you well for years, look no further than the Tecware Phantom L. 


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