Tecware’s VEGA L Reviewed! Does It Live Up To The Hype?


Tecware is back at it again but this time with a PC Case called the Vega L. The Vega L is a mid-tower case that has tempered glass and RGB lights caking the entire case. A little background on Tecware themselves. Their mission statements read:

Once upon a time

We started out with a simple passion for personal computing almost 10 years ago.  Our simple passion then progressed along with the current generation of desktop computing.  Now we are pushing ourselves and manufacturers to develop better solutions in the ever-changing PC desktop market.

Affordable Gaming

We always believed that PC gaming will push the market into faster and more powerful hardware.  We also believe that components prices will move along with technology.  We aim to position in that sweet spot where there is a balance between performance and price. 


These are both very commendable statements. They have already proved several times that they can make quality products that are affordable through their keyboard market. So do their cases differ in quality or are they just as good as Tecware promises?

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