Tecware’s VEGA L Reviewed! Does It Live Up To The Hype?

Tecware’s VEGA L Setting Up

Immediately I noticed the smaller size of the PC tower. Tecware states that it is a mid-range tower but I would say it is definitely on the smaller size of PC Towers I have seen in the past. I was eager to start moving my PC parts over into the Vega L as my last PC case was monstrous and was overly spacious with nothing to fill that space. So I decided to move my computer into a smaller case and what better case than the Vega L. Moving my PC overtook well over an hour but that is to be expected when you are completely gutting a PC and moving it to a new case. Everything included in the Vega L was used in the process. Everything from screws to ties. The overall setup process was not bad at all. If you are new to building PCs the Vega L makes it pretty blatant where stuff should go into the case so this would be a great case to start with. 


The Strange Shape

PC cases have always had a somewhat uniform shape to them. However, more recently companies are getting a bit crazier with case designs. That isn’t entirely the case here. While Tecware has made a sleek black tower with tempered glass the overall shape of the case leaves a lot to be desired. The case is small sure and it definitely fills out in every way. However, the overall shape of the Vega L is a bit off-putting. My least favorite part about the case is the front of the case. The case dips inward to form a smaller pane of glass on the front of the case. This is to ensure the front fans don’t get dust on them. However, this takes away from the overall look of the case. This also blocks the fans from emitting enough air out of your pc. This isn’t really a huge problem but if your computer typically runs hot, there is only a small hole at the bottom of the front jagged piece in which air can exit. 


The Tempered Glass

While I’m not particularly a fan of the shape of the Vega L I am a fan of what makes up the case. On the case, you will have several tempered glass pieces that make up the case. There is one large piece of glass on the side of the case so you can see everything on the inside of your pc. This is a great touch and it allows easy access to any parts in the PC without taking the entire case apart. I felt like there could have been more room for tempered glass but overall the glass makes the case feel sleek and quality. 



Overall the Vega L will be my PC case for the next few years until I upgrade again. It is a nice little case that most PC builds will fit inside. It has a very simple setup process and Tecware makes sure you have everything you need to set up the PC. At the end of the day, I’m not a huge fan of what the Vega L does design-wise but it can easily be looked past if you are a fan of the jagged look or if you simply care more about usability than how it looks. I would recommend this PC case to anyone first starting a computer build or someone like me who needed to downgrade to a smaller case because their last one was too big. 

Watch the Vega L PC Case Review here!

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