Terramaster Cloud Storage NAS Server (F2-210)

Terramaster Cloud Storage NAS Server (F2-210)

“Affordable dual-slot NAS, with insanely fast transfer speeds and growing app library.”

The Cloud; What is it? It sounds daunting when thinking of keeping your most personal documents on a network, but that’s where TerraMaster comes into play. With literally being “a private space in the cloud,” the F2-210 NAS server is the way to go for small business and home use. At just 149.99 (Amazon), the F2-210 is extremely affordable.  Though more was to be expected at that price, one more LAN port would be helpful for those that happen to want some extra power or a backup in case of failure. Let’s get into the specs really quick before we break down this great entry-level product.



Sitting at 5.2 x 4 x 9 inches, this can easily be stored on your desk, or server area, powered by a 4 core 1.4 GHz ARM Architecture that supports 4k/30fps video encoding and 1 gig of memory, responsiveness from responsiveness login to app install and logout are extremely smooth.

Two bays that can hold 3.5 HDD/2.5 SSD for up to 32TB! (2x16TB) with support EXT4 and Btrfs filesystems, RAID 0, RAID1, JBOD, and single disk configurations. An 80mm (about the length of the long edge of a credit card) fan cools down all your components.

Nearby are USB 3.0 Type-A ports; though the lack of HDMI out is a bit saddening, the USB ports become somewhat useless in my case. And many home users would most likely save movies and shows, so connecting differently via HDMI would be useful though not a big deal if your internet can handle it. Though I can see them being used for troubleshooting means or supplying power to another device. One of the major letdowns for me is the lack of a second LAN port. Combining two using link aggregation would boost your transfer speed, saving precious time. Also, the extra port can be used in case of a port failure. This isn’t a major no-deal, but it’s something to think about when buying a NAS. LED lights the activity, connections, and a simple power button helps shut down your device.


On the next page, we’ll be discussing the operating system for Terramaster’s F2-210

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