Tesoro GRAM Spectrum Mechanical Keyboard Review


Gaming Keyboards are all the rage these days and near the top of almost everyone’s wish list, but what exactly is a ‘gaming keyboard’? Well, like anything else gaming oriented these days, it’s all the little extras above and beyond, such as better switches and fancy lighting. In this case, Tesoro has created highly tuned mechanical switches with very short actuation distance for lightning fast input. It also includes full RGB Lighting and an onboard 32bit Arm Cortex Processor giving you the power to program every single button and light on the keyboard to adapt to any scenario.Yes, you read that correctly, every single button on this keyboard can be reprogrammed. Need a macro key? How about over one hundred of them? Multiply this over 5 profiles and even the most hard core macro and shortcut junkie will be wondering what to do with the rest. Did Tesoro build the ultimate keyboard? Let’s find out!

We would like to thankTesoro for sending the GRAM Spectrum to us to check out. Let’s see how it stacks up!

Tesoro GRAM Spectrum Video:

About Tesoro

Established in 2011, Tesoro embraced the E-Sports community, sponsoring E-sports events and working with professional and amateur teams worldwide, all before ever shipping its first product. Tesoro has used this close relationship with pros and amateurs alike to design its product line tailored closely to what gamers need, and set new standards in the industry with innovation and revolutionary technologies. Tesoro pushes for the highest quality products, even when it has to design and build its own parts to do so and doesn’t overlook even the tiniest detail.

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