The Scariest Games on Roblox That Will Test Your Limits

The developers of Roblox did a great job when they brought the title to the public back in 2006. Known as an online platform and game creation system, Roblox brings the dreams of many gamers to reality. If you want to create your own game and put your mind at work by exploring it with your friends, Roblox is always a great option.

As everyone expected, Roblox became highly popular over the years, as it counts around 200 million registered users in the present. Options are practically endless when it comes to creating your own games on the platform, and some players amazed everyone with their wild ideas. Prepare to be frightened, as these are the scariest games available on Roblox, in our opinion:

The Elevator (2020)

Perhaps we all have a phobia about elevators, and it’s understandable. Who knows what could await you at each floor? The Elevator game for Roblox exploits exactly that grim scenario, as it stops the player at random floors where he’ll get to see a different horror situation. As you already guessed, there won’t be any hugs and presents there, as most of the scenarios will involve entities that try to kill the player’s character.

Alone in a Dark House (2020)

What can you do while you’re wandering throughout a dark house? You’re all alone, even the silence can become deafening, the bloodstains on the floor are revealing more than a thousand words, and even your own shadow could become your enemy – this is what the ‘Alone in a Dark House’ game proposes for Roblox.

Roses (2017)

This is one of those Roblox games that stand out both for its graphics and story. The player’s mission is to look for someone in an asylum. On the journey, you’ll have to explore the area, find clues, and take on many thrilling challenges.

You must also keep in mind that Roses is not free – it will cost you 25 Robux.

The Mirror (2019)

If you remember the ‘Mirrors’ movie from 2008 that was directed by Alexandre Aja, it means you have a great taste in horror productions. ‘The Mirror’ game for Roblox created as a single-player psychological horror title follows a similar recipe: the player’s character has to shut down the lights and stare at a mirror until weird things start to happen. Whispers are uttered, there are growls, the room’s atmosphere changes into different colour shades, and more. If you don’t have a strong mind, you better avoid this game.

Zombie Attack (2017)

Time to make the jump from scary to hardcore! If you like shooters where you get to blow the organs out of horrendous creatures, such as Sniper Elite: Zombie Army, then you’ll certainly love the Zombie Attack game created for Roblox in 2017! If you’re not among those numerous gamers who care too much about graphics, you can start right away to shoot some zombies in Zombie Attack!

Project Lazarus: Zombies

Need even more zombies to deal with while playing Roblox? If the answer is yes, it means you cannot miss the Project Lazarus: Zombies game! By creating some disgusting and out-of-this-world sounds, the zombies in this game will do all that they can to take down the players. But while the players are equipped with guns, they must not hesitate to use them against the evil creatures of the dead!

Stop it, Slender! (2010)

Horror elements are reaching new heights in survival games, and that’s what “Stop it, Slender!” proposes. This Roblox game is based on the popular title Slender: The Eight Pages. The player has to find the three generators and activate them, but also to collect all the eight pages. Above all, he must avoid Slender, and you’ve already guessed that the latter is not a fan of giving flowers to girls.

Bear Alpha

If you like running away from a spooky phantom bear that shows itself when you expect it the least, trying out Bear Alpha for Roblox is practically mandatory. The terrible Bear is not an NPC in this game, it’s actually one of the 10 players allowed for a round. The other players are the survivors, and they all have a limited time available for getting out of danger.

However, you must remember that Bear Alpha is still under the testing phase.

The Apartment (2019)

If you think that exploring a haunted house is frightening enough, why not go a level beyond and wander throughout a whole building? In this Roblox game, your character gets to deal with various scary entities at every floor, and trying to run away could become his only option. Every step is difficult in this game, as evil forces will track them all down along with every breath the player’s character will take.

Granny (2018)

There’s a granny up for no good in this horror game, and one player gets to be in charge of her. The other players have to run for their virtual lives, as Granny will use every dirty trick in the book in order to kill them. There’s also a timer, and those running away from the evil granny will have to stay alive for a certain period of time.

Before the Dawn: Redux (2017)

Do you want even more survival games related to the Roblox platform? If yes, it means you should definitely give Before the Dawn: Redux a try. There are different level to choose from and various tasks and challenges that will test your gaming skills a lot. Beware of the multiple traps and dangers that lurk into the shadows!

Roblox is available for a large list of platforms: Xbox One, macOS, Windows PC, Android, iOS, Fire OS, and Classic Mac OS.

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