The Strangest PC Cooling Systems of All Times

Top 5 Crazy Cooling Systems of all Times

While most people just slap some fans on their CPU, others like to custom build their PCs and add some rather strange cooling systems. Lately, we’ve seen plenty of liquid coolers like the ones from Corsair, Thermaltake, and so on, but we bet you have never seen the cooling systems we have added in our list below.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 crazy cooling systems created by dedicated PC experts, or just enthusiast users over the past few years.


5. The Irn Bru PC

What’s best for a Scottish PC user than an entire PC built with “Irn-Bru liquid cooling system”? John Lawson, who is an Edinburgh computer expert, and his colleagues built this computer system and used a 750ml Irn Bru glass bottle along with flowing tubes to create this unique cooling system.

Thankfully, the liquid he used was just orange cooling liquid. It took the founder of PC Doctor a year to get all the parts he needed to build this PC back in 2015.

Next, we have a (silent) beast of a cooling system.

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