Thermaltake Core X1 Mini ITX Chassis Review


Thermaltake recently released their Core series of computer cases with user-friendly features in mind. Things like modularity, stackability and more were built into these cases to bring a whole new level to the enthusiast PC case market. The case we’ll be looking at today is their Core X1. It’s a feature-packed modular mini ITX case that is designed for use with water cooling. With ITX builds all the rage these days let’s see how the Core X1 stacks up.

About the Thermaltake Core X1

“Thermaltake Core X1 ITX Cube Chassis: Core X1, the first ITX chassis of Core X Series presented by Thermaltake, is a cube case offering endless stackable capacity and expandability for enthusiasts to create massive liquid cooling systems, utilize as a file server as well as accommodate dual systems. Users can customize the chassis for the best viewing presentation with an interchangeable window and I/O panel design. The Core X1 delivers outstanding cooling performance with compatibility for extensive DIY/AIO LCS and overclocking components, further enhancing the reputation that the air-cooling units of this series has become renowned for. It is guaranteed to be an immensely powerful system!”

Let’s check out the features and specifications for the Core X1 now.

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