Thermaltake Dr. Power II PSU Tester

Closer look

The outside of the Dr. Power II is made of entirely of plastic making it not the strong component in that PC tool box but durable enough to last you quite some time. I am stating this as we have seen models that were made of aluminum or some form of steel.

The top of the unit has an extra large display screen making it easy to be read from a fair distance. We will show later that the display can become blue or red depending on the operating stage of the power supply.

On one side of the unit is a small power button that would have to be used more than once in order to get a full reading on the power. Once again we will show this in a few minutes.

At the bottom of the Dr. Power II is a-pin connection used to come the power supply being tested. The unit is fully capable with all ATX standards up to v2.3.

At the opposite end are the connections for the rest of the plugs on a power supply except the four pin floppy connection. During the testing process we were not able to connect the SATA and the MOLEX connectors at the same time due to the easy-release feature on the plugs themselves.

Here we have the rear of the Dr. Power II; there isn’t much talk about here as there is only a small label detailing the unit itself.

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