Thermaltake Dr. Power II PSU Tester

Quick Testing

We tested the Dr. Power II using two different power supplies. The first one was a unit that was no longer working but we wanted to see if the PSU tester would confirm this. The second PSU was fully operational.

When the Dr. Power and the PSU are all connected and powered on the first thing displayed on the lower half of the screen is whatever connectors are connected. So, if only a SATA, main ATX and PCIe plugs are connected it will be lasted at the bottom of the screen.

Pressing the power button one more time will display the main ATX connection and all its rail reading. In the images below we see the working PSU in blue with all the rails being displayed. Some power supply connections support more than one voltage rail and the Dr. Power does read each one supported. When the PSU is not working properly the display is red and gives an ‘F’ on the failed rails. When dealing with a bad power supply the Dr. Power will also sound an alarm.

Next, we see the readings for the AUX and PCIe connections.

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