Thermaltake FRIO Extreme CPU Cooler


Thermaltake has once again shown why they make some of the best coolers around. The Frio Extreme performed pretty well on our test bench and was not as loud as that of the Frio Advance which we test just last week. The dual tower heat sinks has once again top the charts of being the best technology to get the best cooling performance.

The larger than life 140mm cooling fan is a large part of why we like the cooler so much. They are pretty quiet, push a lot of air and are very easy to attach to the cooler. Yes, you may have issues with them when it comes to ram selection. But honestly if you look back over the past year or two, ram heat spreaders are getting short ending the trend that big heat spreaders are the best type of coolers for ram. It just doesn’t matter anymore.

On the Intel socket 2011 it took us just a couple of minutes to get the cooler mounted to the motherboard and up and running.

The only thing we believe that would have made the Frio Extreme perform just a tad bit better would maybe upgrade the 6mm heat pipes to 8mm ones.

Now the shocker. The Frio Extreme will set you back almost $100 from what we saw online. That is in the price range of the Noctua D14, Phanteks TC14PE and other great coolers. And we can’t leave out all-in-one water-cooling kits. A lot of tough competition.

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