Thermaltake ISGC-300 CPU Cooler

Closer look a the ISGC-300

Before we get to what really make the ISGC what it is we will talk about the cooler itself first. The ISGC-300 weighs what I would now call normal for today’s coolers which is 697 grams with the fan attached. We constantly seeing cooler in this weight class. And with the construction and build of motherboard today this amount of weight is a non issue. Thermaltake isn’t much for making individual coolers for a specific CPU socket. And the ISGC-300 is made to fit 775 and 1366 sockets from Intel and AM2, AM2+ and AM3 sockets from AMD.

large overview

The tower portion of the cooler is comprised of thirty-three “sawtooth” aluminum fins. The design the fins are in is suppose to allow cold air to blow across the surface much smoother and quieter. And before we get to the testing of the cooler this fan is quiet.

upfront side


Supporting the fins are four copper heat pipes. The pipes all are single rods that start and end at the top of the cooler. We have seen many manufacturers coat the pipes with nickel to compete the look of their coolers. Thermaltake did not have to do this as the copper color blends in great with the silver, black and orange colors of both the fins and fan.

heat pipe 1 heat pipe 2

heat pipe 3

Getting to the real reason for the IGC line is now up to plate. The fan the cooler uses measures 120mm which is common for coolers today. What are not common is the nine blades that make up the fan as they all have notches cut at the tips which allow better air flow and a reduction of noise. The second feature that makes the fan different is something we can only imagine as it’s in the hub of the fan. The hydro dynamic bearing also eliminates noise and prolongs the life of the fan according to Thermaltake up to 50k hours.


Last we have the base of the ISGC-300 which is pretty shiny and about as level as you can get.

base 1 base 2

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