Thermaltake Level 20 RGB Extended Mouse Pad Review

A Closer Look

Once I unrolled the Level 20 Extended Mouse Pad, I was quite surprised at just how big it was. You have an enormous amount of room which should be more than enough for even the largest keyboards. The pad itself is all black with the exceptions of the TT in the lower left-hand corner. It also feels very rugged thanks to its 4mm thickness, which gives the mouse pad a nice premium feel.

The whole surface is comprised of a smooth fabric that was soft to touch and quite comfortable to place your wrist on. We also took this opportunity to do a few test slides with our mouse and it glided nicely across the surface.

Toward the upper left of the mat is the RGB controller, which covers a portion of the RGB border.

Surrounding the entire edge of the Level 20 RGB Extended Mouse Pad is a round plastic tube which is secured to the mat with clear stitching.

Flipping over the mouse pad, we find the whole bottom is covered with textured rubber which will prevent any slipping while in use.

Once plugged in, the Level 20 RGB mouse mat lights up the border and attached controller with a “Rainbow” type preset.

Turning out the lights, you can really see how vibrant the RGB border is, adding just enough pop to your desk.

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