Thermaltake Level 20 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review

A Closer Look

Taking the Level 20 RGB out of the box, the first thing that caught our eye was its aluminum faceplate. The faceplate extends the entire top of the Level 20 and has a beveled palm rest at the front.

In the right-hand-corner, there is a full set of dedicated multimedia keys which include stop, previous, play/pause, next, mute and a scroll wheel to control the volume.

Next to the multimedia keys are some additional feature buttons to enable game mode, adjust the LED brightness and lock the windows key.

In the upper left, you have an RGB backlit Thermaltake logo.

Taking a closer look at the bottom, the Level 20 at the beveled palm rest it’s a seamless transition from the top plate and hopefully will provide comfort without a bulking wrist rest.

One of the features that really stand out on the Level 20 RGB is the lightbar that surrounds the entire keyboard. Unlike most lightbars that are just little slivers, this lightbar has some nice height to it.

At the back of the keyboard, Thermaltake includes a USB and 3.5mm audio jack pass-throughs.

Thermaltake designed this keyboard with floating keys which makes for easy cleanup.

Flipping over to the bottom of the keyboard the Level 20 includes 5 rubber pads with 2 along the back and 3 in the front. Also at the back are 2 adjustable feet which have 2 different configurations.

Looking at the adjustable feet a little closer, you can see it actually consists of two different sized feet.

In the center is the smaller of the two feet which provide a little bit of elevation.

If you require a more elevated keyboard, you can use the outer foot in conjunction with the center one. 

The attached cord to the Level 20 splits into two USB gold plated connectors and a single 3.5mm audio jack. The USB plugs are branded with the Thermaltake logo with one used at the passthrough and the other to power the Level 20 RGB.

If you are looking to give your keyboard a little more flair, Thermaltake has included some custom red keycaps. They include 11 caps which cover most of the common keys for FPS and MOBA games.

Popping off a few of the keycaps reveal the Cherry MX Speed Silver switches.

After plugging in the Thermaltake Level 20 RGB, we can see the RGB LEDs are located at the top of the switch like other Cherry MX switches.

By default, the Level 20 RGB starts off with the “Color Cycle” preset with both the keys and the light bar synced together. Looking toward the center of the keyboard there is an RGB strip which is one of the many RGB elements of the Level 20.

In the top left, the RGB Thermaltake logo is brightly lit like the rest of the keyboard.

Looking to the side is probably the feature that sets it apart from the RGB keyboards: an extra-large RGB light bar.

Once we turn off the room lights the RGB elements of the Level 20 really shine.

Taking a peek to the back of the keyboard you can really see how vivid the light bar is.

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