Thermaltake Level 20 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review


The Level 20 RGB Mechanical Keyboard can be configured using Thermaltake iTake which also has a companion iOS/Android mobile application. You can download the TT iTake Engine from and its mobile application from the App Store / Google Play.

Once you run Thermaltake iTake it will automatically detect the Level 20 RGB. You can configure up to 6 profiles with each having its own keymapping and lighting effects. When changing key mappings, you can assign the following to any of the configurable keys:

  • Single key
  • Macro
  • Media
  • Function keys
  • Launch application
  • Gaming profile
  • Disable

Moving over to the lighting tab you can configure the lightbar and keyboard light individually. Any of the following effects can be used:

  • Static – Set all keys to a single selected color
  • Pulse – Fades a single color in and out
  • Wave – Flows the selected color pattern down the keyboard
  • Spiral Rainbow – A selected color pattern spirals around the keyboard from its center
  • RGB Spectrum – Color cycling across all keys
  • Reactive – Keys light up and fade as they are pressed
  • Flow – A row of keys light up from the pressed key location
  • Ribbon (Lightbar Only) – Starts at the edge and slowly lights up the whole lightbar and then does the same to turn them off.
  • Ripple (Keyboard Only) – A ripple effect starts from a pressed key and moves outward
  • Scan (Lightbar Only) – Three 3-4 LED bars flowing up and down the keyboard
  • Raindrops – Key randomly light up to a configured a single color or a random color
  • Snake (Keyboard Only) – A snake moving up and down the keyboard
  • Marquee (Lightbar Only) – A marquee type effect moving down the lightbar
  • Blink – Blinks all the keys a random or single color
  • Music Mode – Have the keyboard react to music/sounds
  • Temp. – After the LEDs changes based on the temperature of your PC

On the Macro tab, you can create any number of key sequences and even set delays in between each keypress.

On the settings tab, it displays the version of the installed firmware on the Level 20 RGB as well as the version of the iTake software. From here you can also assign a password for the Mobile companion application and setup your Amazon Alexa account.

Since I have an iPhone 8, I download the iTake’s iOS companion application from the App Store. Once I booted up the application, it automatically detected the Level 20 on my network.

Once connected you are brought to the lighting menu item which allows you to assign the lighting effects, change the brightness or speed of the RGB LEDs.

Just like the Windows application, you can assign any of the lighting effects listed above.

On the Macro screen, you assign any of the macros you created in the native application to 4 different buttons.

Also included in the iOS application is a visual keyboard which simulates keystrokes on the attached PC.

If you don’t want to configure the Level 20 RGB using the lighting menu, you can do so with the voice control.

One of the most intriguing features of the iOS application is the virtual controller. Well, it may not be suitable for games like Rocket League, it is perfect for games that use a simple d-pad and a few other buttons. We played a few virtual console games with great success and really like the taptic feedback on the phone when a button was pressed.

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