Thermaltake Level 20 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review


To test out the Level 20 RGB, I had it attached to my benching system all week which includes writing this review, general PC use and gaming. This is personally my first-time using Speed Silver switches and I must say I’m a fan. I really loved how sensitive they were, which enables me to type faster than my typical red switches. The sensitivity is due to the 1.2mm actuation point of the speed silver vs the 2.0mm of the reds. Other than switches being 40% faster they feel just like Cherry MX Reds which made it easy for me to get used to. This really made typing the review a breeze and felt a little better than my normal Cherry MX Red keyboard. In gaming, the Level 20 RGB felt great and the Speed Silver switches performed exactly the same as my current Cherry MX Reds.

In the looks department, the Level 20 RGB is the nicest looking keyboard to have graced my bench. Some of the features that really stand out are the aluminum top with beveled palm rest, middle RGB strip in the center of the keyboard, and extra-large light bar. Out of all the RGB elements, by far my favorite is the lightbar which really looks amazing when the lights are out.

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