Thermaltake NiC L32 CPU Cooler Review


Thermaltake is a rather well-known name in the industry; they make a variety of high-end components for the enthusiast. The NiC L32 is marketed as a non-interference cooler, meaning that they’ve strived to make sure it doesn’t block any of your other components from being installed. It’s meant for being used with high-end RAM that has the ability to be overclocked to the limits. With three solid 8mm heat pipes, and equipped with a single 140mm PWM fan, it supports processors up to 180W TDP.

Thermaltake’s Take on the NiC L32

Thermaltake has this to say about the NiC L32: “Originating the same concept by incorporating the proprietary technology, new Thermaltake NiC series L32 (previous lineup consists of the F3, F4, C4, and C5), another new mainstream CPU cooler with non-interference cooling space for the ram and motherboard area, the advancement towards silence, performance and compatibility. Fully compatible with RAM of all kinds, ideally for power users to fill their RAM slots with high-end overclocked RAM.”

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