Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 ARGB 750W Power Supply Review


Thermaltake uses a large 140mm ARGB fan for cooling. It has no less than 4 cables going to it.

The power supply mainboard is very densely packed.

Incoming AC power is heavily filtered as it comes into the unit.

Main filter caps are Japanese Nichicon 105C rated caps that should provide a long and stable life.

The entire DC output side runs with heavy bus bars rather than wires like lesser units. A couple of 8-pin locations are not populated on the 750W model.

Even the casing has the same missing plug spots but is covered with a sticker from the outside.

The solder job looks great on the bottom of the PCB and, rather amusingly, uses a green solder mask since it can’t be seen while the top side and all daughter boards are black.

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