Thermaltake Toughpower Grand 1200W Power Supply

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If you were to look over at the Thermaltake website and click on their power supply link you will see they manufacturer power supplies for all levels of PC users. From modest low power units to ungodly beast like the model we are taking a look at today. We have been using one of Thermaltake’s larger power supplies on our test bench for awhile now, the Tough Power 1000.  However, we can no longer say this is the big dog in our lab anymore. The Grand 1200 takes that title.

The Grand 1200, or rather the Grand series in general, is one of the best looking power supplies on the market in our opinion. The pure matte black paint, mixed with the red racing stripe and topped by the rounded corners makes for a simple, but appealing look. This look should work quite well in any black or red case.

The Grand 1200 is a dual 12 volt rail unit that supports all the latest standards of under and over load protections. The first 12V1 rail provides 40A, which is where the motherboard and processor get their power from. The second provides up to 85A and is this large in order to handle your multiple high performance graphics cards. Besides the large power rating, something a lot of you will be impressed to see is the 80PLUs Gold rating it totes, for its ability to provide 87-92% efficiency at 20-100% load.

The Grand 1200 uses a 140mm dual ball bearing fan to cool the interior components of the power unit. The fan is rated at a mere a 16dBA at 1600RPM, making for a more than quiet PSU. A feature is built into the unit to allow for it to continue spinning for 15-30 seconds after the system powers off, to remove residual heat (heat can still damage capacitors for example, even when not in use).

The rear of the unit has a large honeycomb-shaped opening for all the now hot air to be vented through. The power button has a small built-in red LED to let you know when the PSU is in the ‘ON’ position. Lastly, there is an illuminated screen that displays the Thermaltake logo.

We have yet to find a reason to have all the extensions of a power supply to be detachable, and Thermaltake must feel similarly. The Grand 1200 comes with only the main ATX and dual 8-pin (4+4, 8) CPU cables permanently attached. The additional eight extensions can be removed and reconnected at will. The red connectors are for the eight 8-pin (6+2) PCIe cables the unit comes with.



20/4 Pin ATX

8 Pin AUX

4+4 Pin AUX

4 Pin Molex



6 Pin PCIe

6+2 Pin PCIe

Thermaltake Grand 1200






0 (adapter)




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