Thermaltake Toughpower Grand 1200W Power Supply


The Thermaltake Grand 1200 is a beast of a power supply when it comes to pure output, but definitely not a beast when it comes to physical size. The Grand 1200 has enough power to provide any gamer or overclocker with all that is needed, and more. It is hard to imagine such a system that would need this much power, but we sure would have a blast building one if we had the money.

The smaller size of the Grand 1200 is a huge plus. With people running multiple water-cooling loops in their rig means space is at a premium, and the Grand 1200 does not take up a lot of it. We test fit the PSU in the bottom of the Thermaltake Level 10 GT which could be difficult for longer power supplies to fit and the Grand went in without an issue.

Performance and specification-wise the Grand offers all the pros one would look for in a large power output PSU. We have never known Thermaltake to take shortcuts with their power supplies and they did not start here, using quality components throughout it’s construction.Styling-wise the Grand is gorgeous. Its mixture of black and red flows very well with most of the cases currently on the market.

We were surprised to see as many online retailers selling the unit as we did. All of favorites are carrying the unit ranging in price from $289 to $319. For some one building a rig requiring this much power, this price would just be a drop in the pan.

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