Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS VENTUS X Optical RGB Gaming Mouse

Packaging & Unboxing

Looking at the front of the box we see a beautiful image of the VENTUS X along with the Tt eSPORTS logo and a list of a few of the most prominent features of the VENTUS X such as the 12,000 DPI sensor and the unique, aerodynamic design.

There isn’t much information on the sides of the box so let’s take a look at the back. Here we see a ton of information and specifications such as the tracking speed, maximum acceleration, and the polling rate. As with the MEKA PRO, you can also see that Tt eSPORTS provides information in several different languages on the box, this unit is clearly targeted at an international audience.

Opening the flap on the front of the box gives us a nice side-view of the VENTUS X in addition to a view of the bottom of the mouse. Both views are accompanied by guides showing the different features the VENTUS X sports.

Once we open the package we can pull out the cardboard insert holding the mouse in the viewing position and get our first look at its unique honeycomb design. Notice the Tt eSPORTS dragon logo peeking out from beneath the honeycomb palm grip. My spidey sense tells me we are in for a real treat when we plug this guy in and that logo lights up.

As we pull the mouse and its holder out of the box we also find a multi-language quick-start guide, a warranty guide, and two different colored dragon decals. Since I personally have a white rig I really like that they provide two different color options with the decals. Nice touch Tt eSPORTS!

And here we see the VENTUS X free of packaging and in all its glory.

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