Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS VENTUS X Optical RGB Gaming Mouse

RGB Lighting

One of the biggest features of the VENTUS X, and the one that sets it apart from some of the other Tt eSPORTS gear we have reviewed is that it supports industry standard 16.8 million color RGB. Now the only parts of the mouse that light up are the battle dragon logo and the sides of the scroll wheel. While this is not as spectacular as some of the other mice in Tt eSPORTS line, you will see below that it still makes for quite a nice light show.

To control the two lighting zones, you will need to install the Tt eSPORTS Command Center V2.0 which you can easily find on their homepage. The software is really easy to use and intuitive so we won’t go over it here. The lighting page simply shows you a graphic of the mouse with the two different lighting zones highlighted. You simply click the zone you want to illuminate and select the color you want from the RGB spectrum. You can set the two different zones the same or to completely different colors like we did. This menu also lets you set the lighting to pulse or constant which is always a nice feature.

Here are some examples of the lighting that we achieved with just a couple minutes of playing with the software.


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