Thermaltake Urban T81 Full Tower Chassis Review




Back in early April we took a look at the new Thermaltake Core V71 which left us very impressed. For that reason I jumped at the chance to review the new Thermaltake Urban T81 full tower chassis. The T81 is a very sexy case, right down to the suicide doors. For those of you that were born in the middle 50s like myself, you may have noticed some cars still being driven with suicide doors. For those of you that are younger, you mostly find them at car shows or being driven on a sunny Sunday afternoon. I actually owned a bronze 1967 Lincoln Continental with suicide doors back in 1971 with looked something like the 67 in the photo below, only mine was a hardtop, so working with the ThermalTake Urban T81 brought back some found memories.


Thermaltake engineered the Urban T81 for one solid purpose, to provide enthusiasts with the ability to build high end systems while keeping the T81’s appearance simple but yet elegant. The Urban T81 is a chassis that looks great in any environment, from your office to your living room and even your bedroom or your family’s playroom.

Thermaltake’s Take on The Urban T81 Full-Tower Chassis

Thermaltake presents the adoption of the Urban with the new Urban T81 – The classic beauty impact. Beautifully architected, T81 is engineered for one solid purpose: provide enthusiasts the ability to build the highest performing systems while remaining the appearance simple and elegant. It is not merely a PC chassis, more like a creation of modernism.

Dual Swing Door Design

Inspired by the specific term “Suicide door” for a car door hinged at its rear rather than the front, as the origin of horse-drawn carriages; T81 is designed with this innovative inspiration apart from other modern chassis. Likewise, the front door panel is build with brushed aluminum finish to mask the extrusive drive devices, not only unify the appearance but a modern yet sophisticate aesthetic.

Fully Modular Concept

A highly customizable 5.25” & 3.5” drive bay feature enables users to freely interchange the 3.5” hard-drive cages to suit one’s need and removing the 5.25” & 3.5” drive bays to gain maximum interior space for advance cooling performance or liquid system build.

Sleek I/O Port

The sleek aluminum mental brushed I/O port section has implemented two of latest data transfer SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports along with four USB 2.0 ports. The integration of fan controller and fan hub could easily manage the airflow of up to 10 fans at once. Besides, a HD microphone and headset jacks are built for grand direct access when needed.

Supreme Air Cooling System

Urban T81 is build with its fundemantal airflow optimized design. Standard equipped with triple 200mm fans and a 140mm fan. It is the first in market that has the ability to house 4x 200mm fans along with three more 120mm fans by achieving unrivalled airflow in your chassis.

Extensive Liquid Cooling Support

Urban T81 pushes the envelope and utilize high-end water cooling solution that feature with either front 360/top 420mm, or front 420mm/top 360mm, along with rear 120mm and bottom 120/240mm radiators support for extreme performance.

Let’s take a look at the packaging on the next page.

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