Thermaltake Urban T81 Full Tower Chassis Review

Closer Look – Exterior

The Thermaltake UrbanT81 chassis is about as elegant as you can find when looking to buy a new computer case, add the polished look on the front bezel and the perfect size window for viewing your hardware, and the Urban T81 is downright sexy.

Measuring in at 23.7″ H x 9.3″ W x 23″ L the Urban T81 is not the largest full tower chassis we have reviewed, and at 30.4lbs it’s certainly not the heaviest, but once all your hardware has been installed you’re going to be looking at a 50 plus pound build, even more once your water cooling system has been filled with coolant.

The top section of the TT Urban T81 and the front I/O is very sweet looking, as well as very easy to reach and use. There are a total of four USB 2.0 ports as well as two USB 3.0 ports plus headset and microphone jacks.

The chassis built in fan controller is located on the left hand side of the top panel, which makes increasing and decreasing fan speeds a breeze. The systems Power On and Reset buttons can also be found in this area.

With a gentle push of your finger on the front middle edge of the fan grill, releases the grill for cleaning, installing extra fans, or perhaps securing fans on a radiator of your choice up to 420mm, for our build we used a 360mm radiator and three TT Luna Series 120mm fans.

Here’s a photo of the top panel with the fan grill removed. The top panel can also be removed giving you access to the top 200mm fan.

The front door on the Urban T81 opens very easily, revealing two 5.25″ bays as well as two removable fan grills with filters for the Urban T81 front 200mm fans.

Pressing on the tab which is located on the top middle section of each fan grill, will release the grills for easy cleaning the filters.

With the front panel removed you can see the front 200mm fans exposed, as well as both removable 5.25″ bay drives, not only do the 200mm fans look big, they also look mean and do a great job pushing air onto your system and keeping it nice and cool. Removing the front panel also gives you the option to remove the 200mm fans to make room for a 360mm or 420mm radiator.

Here’s another photo showing the front and top panels removed from the Thermaltake Urban T81 chassis.

The rear of the Urban T81 shows three tubing holes with rubber grommets, a cutout for the rear I/O and a honey comb fan grill, eight expansion slots and the PSU bay. The second photo was enlarged to show where Thermaltake secured the keys for the side panel during shipping.

Also on the rear panel, we find a total of eight thumb screws for securing hardware such as multiple video cards, PCI-e SSDs, or a sound card.

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