Thermaltake’s Level 20 GT RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Cherry MX Speed vs. Razer Green Switches

An Introduction to Thermaltake’s Level 20 GT RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are known for having a significantly longer lifespan than regular membrane keyboards. Each key on the board has its own switch underneath the key that gets physically pressed when you hit the key. Mechanical keyboards tend to be quite a bit more expensive than membrane keyboards, so you want to be sure that you are spending your money in the right places to get the best product for yourself.

In this review, we’re going to compare Thermaltake’s Level 20 GT RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard equipped with Razer Green Switches with the same keyboard but equipped with the Cherry MX Speed RGB Silver Switches.

In the world of mechanical keyboards, the colour of the switch does not just refer to the physical look of the thing, but refers also to the characteristics of each switch. Some switches make more noise, some have more physical feedback, some are quiet; it all depends on what you prefer. The Razer Green Switches are described as “tactile and clicky” with an actuation point of 1.9mm and the Cherry MX Speed are designed to be quiet and quick, with an actuation point (aka how far down you have to actually press the key) of 1.2mm. I didn’t understand the benefits of those numbers until I actually used the keyboard and noticed the physical difference in how little you have to press down.

One benefit of the mechanical keyboard is that you can change out the keys on top of your switches. The Level 20 GT RGB comes with a set of 8 red replacement keys and a key-popper (to remove the keys from the board). I personally chose to install the “WASD” red keys to highlight left handed keyboard navigation.

The keyboard is also equipped with RGB functionality which adds another level of cool to any device (in my opinion, at least). The RGB functions come with pre-built light shows, but can also be controlled via app on your PC, phone, or even Amazon Alexa! Using Alexa, you can illuminate your keyboard according to the weather outside! The lighting in the Level 20 GT RGB is fully compatible with the rest of the line of ThermalTake RGB Plus accessories. 

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Throughout this review, I’ll look at the keyboard itself, and then review the two switch types and how they work with the keyboard.

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