TONOR TC-777 USB Microphone Review

TONOR TC-777 USB Microphone Setup and Performance

Our team found that the set up was really simple. You open the three legs that the mic has and set it on a stable foundation like a desk or table. Then you’d plug in the USB and you’re off to the races. There’s no driver to install or extra maintenance items. Installation took our team less than three minutes from opening the package and getting the microphone plugged in and ready to go. We used Audacity to record several hours of audio content and we found the recordings to be clear and consistent.

We tested this microphone in a quiet, sound-proofed room. Recordings with multiple other microphones—like a typical podcast setup—should be spot checked before lengthy recordings. This mic holds its own as far as recording quality but always be sure to check any other microphones used in the same area before recording full-length sessions.

If we had to make any changes, we’d recommend adjustable leg lengths to customize user experience, but the current leg lengths aren’t so restrictive that they’re uncomfortable. The microphone sits roughly eight inches from the table top as it is. It would be nice, but not necessary, to raise or lower the microphone.

We found it easy to unplug this microphone and take it with us on the go. The legs fold in to make a streamlined shape that’s easy to carry from one room to another if necessary or to store in a bag or box for longer trips. The packaging that the microphone comes in acts as a great storage container with its custom-cut foam insulator and high-quality packaging.

Overall, we’re incredibly impressed with this microphone and would recommend it as a great entry mic for gamers and content creators who want a clean audio recording experience. At $40 on Amazon, this microphone would make a great birthday or Christmas present for someone who wants to get into professional gamer streaming, content creation, or other endeavors where professional-sounding audio recordings are needed. Or, it could just be a really great investment into a starter recording setup for yourself!


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