Top 5 Best Web Hosting Services for 2020

Best Web Hosting Services 2020

What must a great web hosting service offer in 2020?

In 2020, website owners look for a reliable web hosting that is affordable, fast, and comes with great customer support. If you have never had a website and you are now trying to build a website for your business, you may feel overwhelmed by the features, offers, and plans marketed by various web hosting providers.

You do not need to worry, though! We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know about each of the best web hosting services in our top 5 and by the end of this list you’ll certainly know which web hosting provider fits your needs.

#5. GoDaddy – The Web Hosting Service for Beginners

GoDaddy best Web Hosting Services

+ Pros: free domain, has a user-friendly website builder, fast service, unmetered bandwidth

– Cons: slow support, no migration service and no automatic backups

GoDaddy is one of the largest web hosting companies out there. A website hosted by GoDaddy needs 1.32 seconds to fully load, which is not bad at all, but not the fastest one either.

There’s a cheap package called Economy (1-year plan), with a price starting at $2.49/month. Shared hosting comes with the cPanel hosting offers, which is why users that have small websites will see GoDaddy as the best choice. There are also options for virtual and dedicated servers, and the company boasts award-winning security for their large network of users.

You get free backup and restore, free Microsoft Office 365 Business Email, 100 GB storage, unlimited bandwidth and a free domain for the Economy package.

You can test GoDaddy for 30 days thanks to their “30 days Money Back Guarantee” and see for yourself if this web hosting provider offers the services you were looking for.


GoDaddy is a web hosting provider that can help you start your business for a great hosting deal. However, compared with the other four web hosting services, GoDaddy slightly lags behind. Even if GoDaddy offers domain services, logo design, SSL certificates, online marketing tools, and business software, the service sacrifices some performance and support to keep the prices low.


#4. Inmotion Hosting – Web Hosting Service Filled with the Most Features

Inmotion Hosting best Web Hosting Services

+ Pros: free SSL, free domain, free data backups, free DDoS protection, free SSD drives, free website builder, unmetered bandwidth, email

– Cons: a bit too expensive, there’s a 50,000 files cap on all shared plans

While InMotion Hosting has some high prices for their plans (“Launch” plan is $3,99/month), the wide range of features they offer are making up for that – with just a click, you can install more than 400 applications.

A website hosted by InMotion Hosting needs 1.33 seconds to fully load a page and the speed can be optimized through the hosting support.

InMotion also offers VPS hosting, and dedicated servers, along with upgrades to managed WordPress hosting. We like that there’s a 90-day money-back guarantee during which you can test everything and see if this provider satisfies your needs.


Inmotion Hosting is a great choice for those looking to power their WordPress sites, and its proprietary site builder BoldGrid helps you do that. It even competes with the top Web Hosting service in our list, Bluehost. The only reason Inmotion Hosting is not on the 3rd spot is simply because it’s not as affordable as the next web hosting service.

#3. Hostinger – Web Hosting Service Offering the Best and Cheapest Plans

Hostinger best Web Hosting Services

+ Pros: the most affordable hosting service, free SSL, free data backups, free DDoS protection, free SSD drive

– Cons: no free domain for the basic plan, no daily backups for the basic and premium plan

What puts Hostinger on the third place in our list is the fact that it’s one of the cheapest hosting providers, with its “Basic” Plan at only $0.99/month. With such a cheap starting plan, you’d think Hostinger doesn’t offer too much, but here’s where you’re wrong.

A website hosted by Hostinger needs 0.68 seconds to fully load, which is incredible. The website builder is easy to use, and small business sites can use the control panel (hPanel) with ease.

Hostinger’s more advanced plan – “Premium” plan does come with more features, including a free domain. For a bump in price to the “Business” Plan, users also get daily backups, along with a free domain and more features.

Hostinger offers great services for a low price and the 24/7 support is responsive and helpful.


Hostinger is worthy of the third place, nearly beating Hostgator. The only reason we didn’t bumped Hostinger to the second place is because HostGator serves the North American market, whereas the Lithuania-based Hostinger serves international website owners. NA customers might be more inclined to choose a hosting service like HostGator.

#2. HostGator – Web Hosting Service Offering Great Value for Price

HostGator best Web Hosting Services

+ Pros: Free Migration, SSL, Backup, drag-and-drop custom website builder, no limit to disk space, email, and bandwidth on all their plans, 1-year plans are 55% discounted

– Cons: renewal rate high ($10.95, basic plan has no free SSL)

One of the most popular and reliable hosts, HostGator has a friendly user interface and plenty of hosting solutions.

A website hosted by HostGator needs 1.28 seconds to fully load.
No matter what plan you choose, there’s no limit on bandwidth or disk space, subdomains, MySQL databases, FTP or email accounts.

Starting a website with HostGator is a great idea, and the 45-day money back guarantee is a good thing for those that want to try and see if their services fit their needs.

The support team is helpful and knowledgeable, although the response is a bit slow (but not too slow to bother us). You can count on HostGator whether you’re looking to host your WordPress website or build one with the beginner-friendly Gator website builder to create an eCommerce store.


We chose to place HostGator on the second place because it cannot compete with a platform like Bluehost. It’s a tough foe to defeat, but this doesn’t mean Hostgator is not a good choice.

#1. Bluehost – The Top Web Hosting Service Overall

Bluehost best Web Hosting Services

+ Pros: Free Domain, SSL, and Weebly Builder, WordPress recommended, one-click WordPress install, great value for money, unlimited site traffic

– Cons: discounts applied on 36-month plans, basic plan comes with just one domain

If you own a business or manage websites, you go for Bluehost. Even WordPress recommends this web host provider, and it’s difficult to not say yes to 100% uptime, 0.95 seconds for a page to fully load and the huge variety of offers for just a little under $3/month.

For instance, Bluehost offers free domain name, $150 ad credits, free SSL, 24/7 live support, and one-click WordPress install, at only $2.75/month (on the 36-month plan). There’s also WordPress, VPS, Dedicated plans for websites that have more traffic and plenty of other features. You also get regular daily backups, no matter what plan you choose.

The 24/7 support (live chat or phone) is fast and knowledgeable. You get a 30-day money-back guarantee, meaning you can try Bluehost for yourself.


It’s obvious why Bluehost is the number 1 Web Hosting Service. It gives you the most features and a great speed for under $3 per month and those that choose to start with Bluehost don’t need to switch to another hosting provider.

Choosing the Best Web Hosting Service

Whether you choose Bluehost for the bang for the buck or Hostgator for their second-to-best services, it’s all up to you. Alternatively, if you’re on a tight budget, Hostinger is always a good option. In the end, getting the best hosting deal has to be affordable and deliver the best options, no matter how small or big your business is.

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