Toshiba Q300 SSD Review

Toshiba Q300 SSD Review

How well did Toshiba Q300 rise to the users’ expectations?

Before going out on the market with their Q300 SSD, Toshiba tested the waters through their OCZ brand by releasing the Trion 100. Soon after looking at the market reaction, Toshiba released the Q300 and Q300 Pro SSDs. Similar in the hardware department as the Trio 100, Toshiba Q300 was meant to be an entry-level SSD.

OCZ has been functioning under Toshiba when the Trion 100 got released. While OCZ is not a widely known brand, we can all agree Toshiba is a household name for its products. When it comes to the Q300 SSD, this was a low-end product to cater for those on a budget, but how was it met by the public? Was the Toshiba Q300 SSD successful when it got launched? What did it offer? Is it still a good piece of hardware in 2020?

Read our Toshiba Q300 SSD Review and you’ll get all the details you need to know.

Toshiba Q300 SSD – PROS AND CONS

+ Pros: a good upgrade from a traditional HDD

– Cons: low performance per price, only three years warranty

The Toshiba Q300 SSD didn’t exactly fare well in benchmark tests, and for an SSD launched in 2015 for “everyday computing,” the price it asks for the performance it pulls is too high. Competitors like the entry-level Plextor M6V offer much more performance at a better price. When it launched, the Toshiba Q300 SSD was not really budget-friendly.

It was $99.99 (120GB), $159.99 (240GB), $309.99 (480GB) and $449.99 (960GB). Meanwhile, for a 1TB Samsung 850 Pro, users would pay $430 – and remember that Samsung 850 Pro was a top-tier SSD.

But price aside, the Q300 is not that bad. Let’s see the technical specs, benchmark results, and reach a verdict.

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