Toshiba TR200 480GB 3D BiCS SSD Review

Introduction Toshiba TR200 480GB 3D BiCS SSD Review

The Toshiba TR200 480GB TLC (Triple Level Cell) is a BiCS flash DRAMless SSD and it’s the first DRAMless SSD to cross the test bench here at the lab. While the box says Toshiba TR200 Toshiba says OCZ no longer exists as a standalone brand and moving forward their SSD’s will be sold under the Toshiba name but that OCZ will be a subcategory of Toshiba products. Toshiba goes on to say that their SSD’s will still maintain the OCZ essence and target enthusiasts and gamers. Let’s face it we saw OCZ floundering and if it weren’t for the acquisition by Toshiba the brand would be extinct. We still have a set of OCZ Reapers around the Lab you would have to pry from our cold dead hands but Toshiba is doing a good job of carrying the flag forward and in a lot of ways improving on what we came to expect from OCZ.

Now BiCS is a bit new to us and we suspect most readers so here’s the quick and dirty explanation.

Okay let’s give it a whirl, BiCS is 3D (3 Dimensional) flash stacked in a vertical manner. BiCS, when compared to 2D Planar NAND flash, has a much higher density. Think of it like a tower and the bottom cell is a 3D BiCS flash cell, now imagine that flash cell going up 64 blocks. Planar Flash would be the first floor and the only floor like a one story structure; BiCS extend upward from that same footprint 64 blocks so the BiCS density would be 64 times as dense as the Planar flash on the same die size. That makes it very advantageous from a miniaturization and financial standpoint. Now toss in the fact that this is a DRAMless drive and that reduces cost which can be passed onto the end consumer. What we need to find out is if the DRAMless nature is still going to give us the speed punch we expect from a SATA 6 – 2.5” drive. Knowing Toshiba we bet it can max out SATA 6 Bandwidth.

Here’s a Short Toshiba Video on BiCS.

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