Toshiba TR200 480GB 3D BiCS SSD Review

Toshiba  SSD Utility

The SSD Utility management software was designed to help your Toshiba drive thrive and lets you be in control of maintenance, monitoring, SSD tuning, OS tuning and more!

The SSD Utility is a full featured suite of SSD management software and a nice addition to your SSD arsenal. This is a shot of the overview page.

This is the tuner page and we didn’t find any tuning but we did find a benchmark.

We ran the benchmark and got a 483.57MB/s read and 416MB/s Sequential at 128KB. We got a random 4K of 264.65MB/s read and 302.94MB/s write which seems pretty high for a 4K test. Minimum latency was 30ms and average latency was 432ms.

The maintenance section is basically a firmware update section. While firmware updates are occasionally serious issues we only recommend updating firmware if you run into an issue.

Monitoring section and notice it says “Run SSD Utility in the background when GUI Closed” and “Run automatically at login” if you don’t want them running uncheck the boxes. For testing purposes, we waited until all tests were ran then installed the SSD Utility to avoid skewing results even slightly.

The Help section shows drive and firmware version information and has a jump me out to support button. It will also create a “Support Package” to send to Toshiba support to troubleshoot problems.

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