Toshiba TR200 480GB 3D BiCS SSD Review

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

To be honest, at first we were skeptical about a DRAMless drive but the Toshiba TR200 quickly dispelled those doubts. Coming in at $149.99 the Toshiba TR200 480GB drive is aimed at the bargain price hunting consumer and considering speeds it’s worth that price but faces stiff competition from other similar priced drives.

Speeds were consistently high but with Nand flash being in high demand prices are up so $149.99 isn’t all that high for a good quality fast 480GB SSD. We are impressed with the low power consumption made possible by the DRAMless design and the consistent performance in benchmarks. Some performance is sacrificed to reduce production costs and DRAMless SSD’s cost less but take a performance hit.

If you are looking for a 3D BiCs DRAMless drive Toshiba is your go to solution for longer battery life in mobile devices and if you just want blazing speed at a reasonable price the Toshiba TR200 offers that as well. Considering it’s sold as an entry-level drive it commands attention both for speed and price in a dog eat dog market segment the Toshiba TR200 stands out with its state of the art BiCS 3D Flash!



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