TRENDnet AC2200 WiFi Mesh Router System Review

Installation of the AC2200 WiFi Mesh Router

So after the easy setup with AC2200 MU-MIMO router, I had an idea of what to expect when it came to installing this mesh system. With their custom app installed on your phone or tablet, TRENDnet made it even easier to set up their AC2200 Mesh system. Quite literally, ANYONE can follow the steps and have a smooth running WiFi network running in just a few minutes.

Open the TRENDnet Meshâ„¢ app and log in with the free account you’ll have to create. Then plug one of the AC2200 WiFi Mesh routers in to power. Make sure it’s already connected to your broadband modem with the included Ethernet cable. The WAN port is colored blue for easy identification. The front status light on the mesh router will change during this step from blinking white to blinking orange. During configuration, make sure all of the Mesh routers are within 9 feet of each other. While the app walks you through the steps, you’ll notice the light on the router change from blinking orange to a rapid blinking blue. When setup is complete, the status light will change to a solid white. You’ll perform these steps for each mesh router you plan to install.

Once all of the configuration is done on each router, you’ll want to give them a unique identifier. I chose to go the simple route and named mine basement mesh, master bedroom mesh, and family room mesh. The Wireless SSID you choose won’t change, but it’s nice to know which router you’re connected to. If you’d like to take a test drive of the AC2200 Mesh router after installation, TRENDnet has an emulator available on their website.

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