Tribit Quiet Plus Bluetooth Headphones Review


Tribit is a company known for its audio products which include headphones, earbuds, and speakers. Their latest product falls under the headphones category and is called Tribit Quiet Plus. These headphones boast a large number of specifications and after a while of using them in many different settings, I can say that they have impressed me, to say the least. Tribit lists a few values they pride themselves for on their website:

Extraordinary quality

Here at TribitAudio, we live life freely and take sound seriously. There’s nothing more satisfying than listening to crisp, balanced audio that’s deeply immersive. That’s why our sound engineers tweak, tune, and test our music drivers, for quality that blasts your soundtrack perfectly for every part of your day.

Expressive design

Whether your wardrobe is nothing but black, or you’re bubbling with sunshine and rainbows, there’s a TribitAudio designed just for you. From sleek lines and subdued tones to edgy and vibrant colors, your music player just became your latest accessory.

Experience you can own

It’s all about enjoying the music; that’s why we pay special attention to product design to ensure a smooth, seamless listening experience. From earbuds that fit like a glove to speakers that require only a few hours for a week’s worth of playtime. The TribitAudio experience is one you can press play on easily, and seamlessly. 


With these in mind, we will continually check back in on these values to see if they line up with the Quiet Plus Headphones. 

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